Christopher Anderson (click picture to enlarge)


Chris Anderson is a husband, father, a combat veteran and a Seminole County deputy sheriff.  Growing up, there's every reason why he should have been in the back seat of a police car, rather than in the front seat.  Chris attributes the difference to his faith, and often shares his story to inspire others, especially young people, in an effort to help them overcome their adversities.

Growing up Chris was raised by a single father, who abused drugs and eventually died of AIDS.  His father was a good man who in spite of his best efforts was often unable to provide essentials such as running water and electricity due to unpaid bills. He also remembers intervening in one of two times his father attempted suicide.  His father had grown deeply depressed after learning of his illness.

Chris' faith kept him motivated and hopeful in the future.  He finished high school and enlisted in the United States Army. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chris served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and later returned home a combat veteran.

Today, Chris is a family man and a law enforcement officer.  He has been married 15 years to his high school sweetheart Ebony, and is the father of three.  Chris' law enforcement background includes human resources background investigations, major case management in death investigations, tactical fugitive apprehension operations, criminal investigations, crisis negotiations, law enforcement training programs and criminal street gang investigations and training.

Having overcome incredible obstacles to achieve the American Dream, Chris understands the deep satisfaction and the life-lessons learned from hard work, personal responsibility and the value of a hand-up over a hand-out.  That's why he became a member of the Republican Party.

Chris is committed to tackling the dinner table issues that affect us all – helping families put food on the table, saving money for our children’s education, and keeping our communities safe. Chris knows that by promoting conservative principles of low taxes, limited government, more freedom and defending the Constitution – including our Second Amendment right to bear arms – we can build a more prosperous Florida for all.